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SMS Alert Service

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SMS alert service in School Management Software provides peace in minds of parents and staff as well. Parents will be in touch in with their child`s activity on regular interval. More >>

Students Management

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School Management Software from Students Care Info is not a software which keeps the data only, it is beyond that. This software fits for all type of schools whether big or small, public or private. Students Management Software from Students Care Info meets all the needs of school staff and parents as well. More >>

Fees Management

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School Management Software from Students Care info permits the user to manage student fees by posting payments, transferring, assessing, waiving fees, and refunding numerous fee sorts as well as general, course, program, membership and miscellaneous fees. Fees are often allotted via bulk updates and mechanically as within the case in fact fees once students add and drop courses. Once fees area unit allotted, they'll be paid, refunded, transferred or waived for a particular student. Fees act with registration and schedule changes to feature and drop fees or parts of fees counting on coordination outlined for every building. More >>

Transport Management

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Student transportation is a key part of the educational mission of a school. The purpose of School Management Software is to utilize a unique combination of performance measurement and operational analysis to evaluate the performance of school bus transportation operations. It helps in transporting students safely to their destinations without any delay. More >>

Students Attendance

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With School Management Software, your school no longer has to keep track of hand-written attendance slips. The time attendance is entered in our attendance software, school administrators can view instant daily reports regarding student absences and any late mark. We provide each school a powerful yet simple attendance software that tracks student attendance in real-time for school administrators, teachers and parents. More >>

Staff Records

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School Management Software from Students Care Info helps in managing your staff records. This software keeps a track record of every teacher and administrator safe. More >>

Staff Attendance

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Staff attendance could be problem if it is not maintained properly. It could create tension, reduce efficiency. School Management Software has the facility of automatic attendance logging for school staff. This software automatically keeps in and out information of staff. More >>

Staff Payroll

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School Management Software eliminates manual payroll processing which takes much more time to calculate working hours, leave availed and absence etc. It reduces room for error in a great way. This software also has the ability to generate and print salary slip automatically. More >>

Online Notice Board

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Online notice board facility would sort out problems like some emergency shutdown of school due to bad weather or any kind of notice such as post pond of examinations. More >>

Online Fee Payment

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School Management Software has the facility of online fees payment through net banking. It is very safe, secure and saves a lot of time. More >>

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Individual selection of the best colleges

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Students from schools which run under School Management Software are much more talented

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