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What is StudentsCareInfo.com

There may be many reasons why you would need to contact your parents quickly -school closure due to the weather, heating breakdowns or even local events. Students Care Info deals in designing customized student information system in Karnal, Haryana and Punjab and all over India as per your requirement to make a difficult task as easy as possible.

Through student information system from students care info within a few minutes we are able to inform all your parents who have registered either by SMS or email.

Mobile phones are now an important part of our daily lives and are generally one thing we carry with us at all times. A text message sent to a parent is highly likely to be read within a few minutes. What's more the cost can be cheaper than making a phone call!  

Why Students Information System from StudentsCareInfo.com

As we are concern about that in today’s era most of the parents are working, they don’t have to visit their child’s school regularly. So no worries we bring a new Time saving system, Student Information system which is able to inform your child’s activity at school. What is his strength weakness, academic performance? Not to worry about your child anymore! This Program is solving all your problems.

Student information system by students care info in India facilitates the parents to know about their children’s performance with the help of SMS and e-mails. It provides proper information regarding students attendance, Academic performance, appraisals, complains, fees reminder & Confirmation, special attention etc.





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